Prep your nails by pushing back cuticles with wooden cuticle sticks provided.  
File and shape your nail to desire shape, you can also gently buff your nail surface for the stickers to adhere better but this is optional.
Use provided alcohol pad to remove any excess dust and oils from your nails, please ensure your nails are free from oil and dry before application.

Pick the right nail strip for your nails, please note that cuticle lines of the nail strips are facing inward. 



Pick the right stickers for all your nails. Before application please make sure your nails are free from oil, this is essential for the sticker to adhere.


Remove stickers from the plastic sheet and centre the nail sticker on your nail, making sure it is 1-2mm away from your cuticle for longer-lasting wear.

Press the sticker firmly against your nail, smoothing the sticker and pushing all the bubbles out.


 Continue to smooth the sticker over the tip of your nail to cap it, trim or cut off excess nail sticker leaving 1mm extra, file downwards to remove excess stickers.
Repeat on all the nails.



To remove: there are many ways on how to remove the stickers but we recommend to soak your fingers into lukewarm water and use the cuticle stick given to push the edges of the stickers and gently remove them from your nails. You can also soak the stick in nail polish remover if you have trouble removing the stickers.


Tips and tricks

* Please ensure that your nails are free of oil and allow a few hours for the stickers to completely adhere.  We tested it out, trust us it will make a difference!

* For even longer-lasting nails apply a base coat before you apply the sticker and top coat to finish. You can also use a matt topcoat for a different vibe.

* Avoid water for a few hours to allows the stickers to adhere.